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Resources on Primary Education

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

We regularly post articles that parents are interested in regarding Montessori, Parenting, Family Activities (inside and outside), Child Development, and Planes of Development on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Since the algorithms on these sites make it easy to miss something interesting, we decided to compile a list of Resources on Primary Education that we've posted over the year.


New to Montessori? Wondering what makes it different from other learning environments? Here’s a look into what our primary program is like for children ages 3-6.

This week we will share some articles about the different planes of development that are seen within Montessori schools. Today we’ll focus on the first plane, which includes children from birth through age 6.

Why is kindergarten the critical year in the Montessori primary cycle? Learn more about how year three brings it all full circle.


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