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Meet Tim and Vanessa, Parents of Both Primary and Elementary Students

Tim and Vanessa love that Waterfront Academy is one-of-a-kind school combining a Montessori approach with

Spanish immersion and the Catholic tradition.

“Our children have excelled academically and look forward to attending school every day,” Tim said.

Vanessa and he love how attentive Waterfront Academy’s teachers are and how they provide feedback on their children’s needs.

“For example, our youngest really wanted to read because our oldest could read, so the teachers have been working with her on phonics and short one, two and three-letter words,” he added. “She can now read some of the simplest Bob books.”

Vanessa and Tim love the Montessori philosophy of “freedom within bounds,” as it allows their children to have a say over how they spend their time while ensuring they achieve the requisite academic milestones. They’ve both noticed that their kids often wait to finish one task before moving on to the next one, a behavior instilled in Montessori classrooms.

The family enjoys the Christmas pageant, especially the roles the students play in the Nativity and the songs they learn to sing for the show too.

Some of Tim and Vanessa’s daughters favorite work to do in school include the bead stairs in Primary, which Tim calls “very engaging yet practical for teaching educational concepts.”

“Our youngest likes working with sand and rice, she also likes practicing songs and dances for events like the Christmas pageant, talent show and moving up ceremony,” Tim said. “Our oldest likes art class and was proud of her geography fair presentation.”

Vanessa and Tim love hearing entertaining stories from the kids’ recess time at a nearby park. “The children have great imaginations and have built stores and hangouts at the park [during recess],” Tim said.

The couple love that every teacher at Waterfront Academy is a native Spanish speaker and committed to the Montessori method. Their children have learned how to properly enunciate certain Spanish words the way a native Spanish speaker would say them.

“Waterfront Academy offers a very unique exposure to the Catholic faith in Spanish,” Tim said. “We have two little girls in Southwest and are very fortunate to have Waterfront Academy as an option for schooling.”

If Tim and Vanessa could describe the school in three words, they would say: loving, caring and dedicated. They first learned about Waterfront Academy by driving by the school building.

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