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Get to Know: Meet Desiree Filardi Vera

Meet Waterfront Academy’s newest teaching assistant, Desiree Filardi Vera.

Desiree’s experience in the field of education began when she did social work in a school in her home country. She worked with children ages 3 to 5 years old and enjoyed the experience.

“Guiding a child in their early years is a unique experience, seeing how they absorb everything you teach them and establish a special connection with you leaves an indelible mark,” Desiree said.

Desiree was motivated to join the Waterfront Academy because she liked their personalized educational approach since they allow children to learn and explore their curiosities individually, respecting their rhythms and styles.

“My interest grew even more after participating in one of their Camps, where I was amazed by the delivery in the care and learning of the little ones, which is focused on promoting their abilities, independence and self-discipline,” she said. “This unique experience made me feel that Waterfront Academy is the ideal place to make a difference in children's education.”

Desiree first found out about the school through friends who praised Waterfront Academy’s beautiful work and after doing more research and learning that Spanish is taught as a second language, she was excited by the opportunity to be a part of the environment and do her best.

“I believe that a Montessori education is ideal because it fosters independence, self-discovery, and mutual respect in students,” she added. “I was amazed at how they teach children to empower themselves with their abilities and manage to carry out various activities from an early age, ensuring that their development is integral both emotionally and socially, which will make them unique and motivated beings throughout their lives.”

The faith-based approach is also important to Desiree because she is Catholic and believes that the spirituality and values of the faith are essential to human development. “It makes people more respectful, kind, and compassionate,” she added.

Desiree plans to be actively involved with the educational team to effectively apply the principles of the Montessori method and help children strengthen their command of Spanish while experiencing holistic growth.

“I am certainly committed to contributing to the continued success and development of Waterfront Academy by providing a valuable and meaningful educational experience for students for years to come,” Desiree said.

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