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Get to Know Elementary Montessori Guide Mrs. Catia

Get to Know Elementary Guide Catia Isabel Parra

By Kate Oczypok

Catia Isabel Parra is teaching Elementary students at Waterfront Academy this school year. She was “amazed” to find a Montessori school in the United States that was looking for a Spanish-speaking teacher and especially the fact that Waterfront was a religious school.

While Parra hasn’t met the Waterfront Academy staff just yet, she is looking forward to it. She is looking toward working as a team for the good of the children and the world as a whole.

Parra first found out about Waterfront Academy through a Facebook ad. She was eager to teach at the school as the faith aspect was very important to her.

“I really think that one of the biggest problems of the world is that we are letting God out of our lives,” she said. “We need to focus more as a whole of mind, body and spirit to leave healthy people to the world.”

After the pandemic winds down, Parra is hoping to travel with her family through South America by car, specifically to the Mayan Riviera as she hasn’t seen it yet. Parra has three children, one daughter and two sons. “I am really proud of them,” she said. “They have also studied in Montessori schools all of their lives and now that they are older, I’m glad to see them become humans committed to their environment and their values.”

Parra is most looking forward to Waterfront Academy’s Christmas pageant.

You can learn more about Waterfront Academy or apply online.

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