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Get to Know Board Member Ann Robertson

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

By Kate Oczypok

Waterfront Academy Board Member Ann Robertson loves the school’s Montessori education, faith-based aspects and language-based learning. Get to know more Ann and her family below.

· What do you love about Waterfront Academy?

Waterfront Academy combines several important aspects of education into their program. First, there’s the Montessori education that provides guidance for the mind to create, learn and expand through exploration and discovery by the method of Maria Montessori. Waterfront follows an authentic execution of the original Montessori method which can be difficult to find and execute in today's world.

Second, the faith-based education at Waterfront integrates the study of our faith as Catholics into the education and daily life at the academy. With the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd as the curriculum it uses, the child finds the Good Shepherd in their daily life at Waterfront integrated with their full educational experience.

Lastly, the cultural experience of the Spanish language and heritage which enriches the education of each student and provides a language- based learning which is so necessary in today’s global world.

· Why do you think a Montessori education is useful?

Montessori education allows the student to safely explore and find interests that lead them to great discoveries on their own without a hindrance of having to follow a strict schedule of learning, while at the same time providing an excellent education. Montessori promotes self-motivated learning guided by curiosity and wonder—two very important aspects of learning that sometimes is lost in a traditional structure of education.

· What's your favorite activity Waterfront hosts? (i.e. Christmas pageant, Easter egg hunt, etc.)

I am new to Waterfront this year, and have only experienced a few activities over Zoom. I always enjoy a well-performed Christmas pageant and I enjoyed the creativity and thought that Waterfront put into theirs this year. It was very creative and well done. I am looking forward to experiencing more in the coming years!

· What makes the teachers at Waterfront Academy special to you?

They are dedicated and have made such a great effort this year in difficult circumstances. I applaud their efforts for making the best of the situation and allowing the students to continue their education in person.

· How did you first find out about Waterfront Academy?

Waterfront Academy has been carried to fruition and execution by Melissa Rohan who I met years ago. I see her dedication and commitment and am so proud of all that she has accomplished in the last seven years.

· If you had to describe Waterfront Academy in 3 words, what would you say?

Faith-filled Montessori education.

· What is the first activity your family and/or you are looking forward to post-pandemic?

Movie theater movies!

· Why is Waterfront Academy's faith aspect important to you?

My parents started a Catholic School so my siblings and I were fortunate to receive an excellent Catholic education for several years. Through my experience of non-religious schools and faith-based schools, I have come to believe that faith-based is as important as the academics. Education should not separate the mind and soul by trying to separate education from one’s faith. We are one human person, with an inherent integration of mind body and soul, education should be directed to all three and therefore an integrated curriculum is crucial to the full development of the child.

· Tell us a bit more about your family.

I have lived in DC since 2005 I have three wonderful children. We also have a dog named Teddy who is the favorite buddy of everyone. We love music, biking and baseball.

You can learn more about the admissions process and schedule a virtual tour here: ADMISSIONS | waterfrontacademy

You can apply for the upcoming school year by submitting an online application here: TADS (

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