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Waterfront Academy Teacher Celebrates 5 Years with School

Waterfront Academy teacher Mr. Garry Robert is celebrating five years with the school this year. He was first hired as a camp counselor for the school in May 2014. He then took the Atrium 1 training and became the school’s very first Catechist. The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is a method of religious formation that respects the child and fosters his or her relationship with God in a specially prepared environment (for more see

Since then, he has received Atrium 2 training and Primary Assistant training. This summer, he will receive Primary Guide Training. The primary course focuses on the Montessori pedagogy and practices relating children ages three to six. More on Montessori training can be found here:

Garry was recognized for his efforts at Waterfront Academy’s commencement ceremony May 21st.

“Garry is special to me, he interviewed before we had furniture, materials or a ceiling,” said Melissa Rohan, president of Waterfront Academy. “Even still, he saw the vision for a school and accepted the job offer and has since then worked passionately every day toward that vision, doing his best for our students.”

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