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Get to Know Spanish Primary Guide Miss Rosa

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

From the first time that new Waterfront Academy teacher Rosa Valverde met Melissa, she felt sincerity and kindness in her words.

“What I like is that she values the Spanish-speaking culture a lot and when I talk to her, I see that faith is inherent in her way of being and I say it because she has a positive attitude when challenges arise,” she said.

Valverde first found out about Waterfront Academy through a simple Google search.

“I made the decision to teach outside of my country because for me it was the time to expand

my horizons and gain new experiences,” she said. “I typed into Google the combination of Montessori and Good Shepherd and I had a lot of results then I added DC and finally I found [Waterfront Academy’s] website page and saw the promo video for the school on YouTube—it was wonderful!”

What drew Valverde to working at the school was the combination of a Montessori education and the Good Shepherd catechesis. They were two approaches that she had been following since her first year of teaching and are the pillars of Waterfront Academy.

“I would love to keep on that path because it has a big impact in students’ lives and in the community,” she said.

Valverde was first drawn to the Montessori method of teaching when she read books by Maria Montessori then saw a classroom and all the materials needed for it. “It blew my mind!” she said, speaking of the classroom’s contents. “Every one of them is there for a strong reason.”

As the years pass, Valverde sees her decision to become a Montessori teacher reaffirmed when her students develop different skills and divergent thinking that allows them to think outside of the box.

The faith aspect of Waterfront is another reason Valverde chose to teach at the school. Growing up in a Catholic family, she wanted to find a school that shared the same love for the religion and what it stands for. “It will definitely make me feel like home and will impact me positively,” she added.

Post-pandemic, Valverde is hoping to see extended family and friends, travel and go to the theater.

Valverde has an interesting family. There are six of them, her parents and her sister and dogs Luky and Amy. Her sister and she were born on the same day with a minute of difference and are not identical twins. Valverde calls her sister her best friend.

Her mother is a teacher and her father is an accountant. In her spare time, her family and she love playing in the park with their dogs, trying new food or restaurants, bike riding and visiting museums, theaters and traveling (pre-pandemic).

You can learn more about the admissions process and schedule a virtual tour here: ADMISSIONS | waterfrontacademy

You can apply for the upcoming school year by submitting an online application here: TADS (

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