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Get to Know Ms. Brittany Lyles

Ms. Brittany Lyles is Waterfront Academy’s office assistant. She has been teaching for the last four years at local childcare centers in Maryland and D.C. While she has never worked at a Montessori school before, she loves the fact that Waterfront Academy is one. Brittany knows a good bit about the Montessori method and is eager to learn more during her time here.

“I had no idea I’d fall into the world of education, but when I did, I fell hard,” she said. “I really love children and my main goal is to always be the person [children] can have fun and enjoy early life with—most importantly, I want to be there to help them learn, explore and make sense of the world they live in.”

Brittany chose to become a teacher because every time she sees a child, her “heart fills with rainbows, butterflies and sunny skies.”

Brittany’s passion for working with children is what led her to Waterfront Academy. She is excited to get to know everyone and eager to help any way she can. She is also looking forward to some of the clubs and classes that Waterfront offers, including art and piano lessons.

“Waterfront Academy’s faith aspect is very important to me,” Brittany said. “I am a Christian woman who grew up in a Baptist church, my father was Catholic and I sometimes attended church with him as well.”

Brittany feels that it’s amazing to be a part of something that will play a part in introducing a child to their faith.

When she’s not working, Brittany loves spending time with her significant other and her son. They spend time playing, reading and visiting extended family.

Welcome Ms. Brittany!

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