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Get to know Mr. Garry

Mr. Garry Robert has been teaching at Waterfront Academy for years. He loves working at the school and is a fan of the Montessori method, along with the faith aspect of the community. Get to know more about Garry and his family below.

· What do you love about Waterfront Academy?

First of all, I love working at Waterfront Academy because of the way we work together as a team. I'm really proud to be part of Waterfront Academy and I also love the curriculum—the Montessori education, the Spanish [incorporation] and the Catholic faith.

· What drew you to teaching at a Montessori school?

I discovered that the Montessori method is very awesome and teaching is not only a profession but a mission with love.

· How has teaching been during the pandemic? Did anything surprise you about remote learning or learning in the classroom?

Teaching during the pandemic is constantly changing and different. The difference between remote learning or [in person] learning, I would say in the classroom the children are more engaged.

· What's your favorite seasonal activity Waterfront hosts? (i.e. Christmas pageant, Easter egg hunt, etc.)

The Christmas pageant.

· What is your favorite subject to teach?

Spanish lessons, Practical Life, Math and Geography.

· Do you have a funny story from a school day?

Every year I have found some funny stories from a school day. This year one of the children asked me if the Good Shepherd and el Buen Pastor were Mary's son.

· What makes the staff at Waterfront Academy special to you?

The staff is very respectful and help each other. Those kinds of things make them very special.

· If you had to describe Waterfront Academy in 3 words, what would you say?

Disciplined, safe and innovative.

· What is the first activity you are looking forward to post-pandemic?

The first activity that will be with the children in a nice morning circle sitting on the floor and giving some hugs to each other and reading some stories together.

· Why is Waterfront Academy's faith aspect important to you?

I was born into a very religious family of Catholic faith. For me the Catholic aspect of Waterfront is very important to me and something very positive in my spiritual life.

· Tell us a bit more about your own family.

My family consists of four members: my wife, my 2 children (a boy age 6 and a girl age and myself. We are very thankful to the Lord for each other and for what we have.

You can learn more about the admissions process and schedule a virtual tour here: ADMISSIONS | waterfrontacademy

You can apply for the upcoming school year by submitting an online application here: TADS (

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