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Get to Know ... Henry, as he prepares to graduate from Waterfront Academy

By Kate Oczypok

Eighth-grader Henry Rohan is excited to graduate this spring from Waterfront Academy. He started at the school as a kindergartener and really loved the Montessori approach because he could sit down and choose the work that he would like to learn.

“The safe environment is also comforting,” he added.

Henry has learned so much from his teachers at Waterfront Academy. He is a math whiz, loving Geometry and figuring out the areas of different figures. His favorite teacher last year taught him algebra and science, two more of his loves.

Henry loves playing soccer and is hoping to turn that passion into a profession someday. He is proud to report that he did a great job on the High School Placement Exam (the entrance exam that is required by most Catholic high schools in the DMV area). Henry was accepted into all of the schools he applied to, but he ultimately decided he will be attending Gonzaga College High School in the fall.

“In the future, I hope that Waterfront Academy will be, and am sure will be, a very successful and popular Montessori school,” Henry said. “From what I’ve heard, they will be more than doubling the number of students next year!”

For more information on Waterfront Academy, visit their website here.

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