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Get to Know Administrative Assistant Mrs. Ana

Ana Khosrofian is the new administrative assistant at Waterfront Academy. She loves the bilingual aspect of the school, especially given that she was born and raised in Mexico in a Catholic household.

She is looking forward to helping students develop in their faith too. She married into the Catholic faith as well and is eager to keep the faith and values her parents taught her in her own family.

“I think students develop love of God through spiritual growth,” Khosrofian said.

The fact that Waterfront Academy uses the Montessori method also caught Khosrofian’s eye.

“Montessori education helps the child to develop independence, build self-confidence and self-esteem,” she said.

Being new this year, Khosrofian is most looking forward to celebrating the Christmas holiday at Waterfront Academy. She is especially looking forward to the annual pageant.

“All the teachers and staff at Waterfront Academy have been so friendly and welcoming,” she added, speaking about her new colleagues.

If Khosrofian had to describe Waterfront Academy in three words, she would choose the fitting “The Children’s House.”

Khosrofian first found out about the school through its thriving Facebook page.

Now that the pandemic is getting a bit more under control, Khosrofian is looking forward to enjoying the holiday season together.

Stop by and visit Ana in the front office and introduce yourself!

You can learn more about the admissions process and schedule a virtual tour here: ADMISSIONS | waterfrontacademy

You can apply for the upcoming school year by submitting an online application here: TADS (

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