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Embracing Faith Throughout the Year with "Catholic All Year" by Kendra Tierney

As we strive to embed our faith into the daily rhythms of our lives and those of our children, finding practical and engaging ways to celebrate our Catholic heritage can be challenging. Kendra Tierney’s book, "Catholic All Year," offers a treasure trove of ideas to help families live out the liturgical year, making the faith a vivid and vital part of everyday life. This resource is invaluable for any family looking to deepen their Catholic faith through celebration, reflection, and action.

Overview of "Catholic All Year"

Kendra Tierney, a well-known Catholic blogger and mother of ten, has compiled a comprehensive guide that matches the liturgical calendar with activities, prayers, and traditions for the entire family. "Catholic All Year" provides context and creative suggestions for observing the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter, as well as various feast days and solemnities throughout the year with joy and devotion.

Key Highlights from the Book

  1. Liturgical Living at Home: Tierney outlines how to incorporate the liturgical year into home life with specific activities, recipes, and prayers that correspond to different times of the liturgical calendar. This approach helps children and parents alike connect more deeply with the rhythm of the Church’s year.

  2. Feasts and Fast Days: The book provides practical advice on how to observe feast days and fast days in ways that are meaningful and accessible. From simple family dinners that reflect the cuisine of a saint’s country of origin to crafts and readings that illuminate the significance of a solemnity, Tierney offers a wealth of ideas to bring these celebrations to life.

  3. Practical Tips for Busy Families: Understanding the demands on modern families, Tierney offers flexible and manageable suggestions for celebrating the Church’s feasts and seasons without overwhelming parents or children. Her practical approach ensures that even the busiest families can find ways to participate in these rich traditions.

Why Every Parent Should Read This Book

"Catholic All Year" is more than just a guide to celebrating feasts and fasts; it's a manual for making the Catholic faith a living part of daily life. Tierney’s suggestions are designed to be integrated into family routines, helping children learn about their faith in a context that is both educational and enjoyable. This book is an excellent resource for parents who wish to raise their children with a strong foundation in their Catholic identity and traditions.

I wholeheartedly recommend "Catholic All Year" to all parents within our school community and beyond. This book will not only provide you with a plethora of ideas to celebrate your faith but will also offer a deeper understanding of why these traditions matter. By purchasing and reading this book, you are taking a significant step towards bringing the richness of the Catholic liturgical year into your home, enriching your family’s spiritual journey.

Kendra Tierney’s "Catholic All Year" offers an inviting and joyful way to experience the fullness of the Church’s liturgical seasons. It is an essential read for any Catholic family eager to live their faith more fully every day of the year. Let us embrace these practices and, in doing so, create homes that resonate with faith, hope, and love, all year round.

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