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Our School's Doors Are Closed, But Our Community Remains Open

Waterfront Academy Warmly Invites You to a Virtual Tour

As Montessorians, we believe in the power of human connection and adaptation. In moments that feel unfamiliar, we thrive.

Keeping Our Connection

Waterfront Academy is committed to our students and families. To ensure the safety of our community, we temporarily closed our doors.

However, our community remains open in new, exciting ways.

For families who are interested in learning more about our school, we are now offering virtual tours.

Our Virtual Tours

Sign up today for a one-on-one discussion with our head of school, Melissa Rohan. During this virtual meeting, we'll learn more about you and your child(ren), and give you the full introduction to our school:

  • What our classrooms look like (including class sizes and materials)

  • Tuition information

  • Who makes up our wonderful, dedicated staff

  • What the “Montessori Method” is (and why it leads to a lifelong love of learning)

  • A “day-in-the-life” of our students

You’ll Have Questions; We’ll Have Answers

After our virtual tour, you’ll have plenty of time to ask questions! No matter the circumstance, we want you to be as informed as possible before making a decision on your child’s future.

This COVID-19 Closure Is Temporary

Our Student’s Love of Learning is Lifelong

In our community, we see challenges like these as opportunities to learn and gain deeper connections with each other. Until our doors open again, we will still be here — albeit in new ways.

So, we welcome you to

. Find out what makes our community so special. Because even in moments like these, life doesn’t stop — and neither do we.

Let’s Schedule a Virtual Tour Today

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