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Get to Know: Juan Torrico

We are pleased to welcome Juan Torrico to the Waterfront Academy family this year. Juan will be using his expertise in managing afterschool programs, marketing, and creative talents to foster the growth of the school. Get to know more about him below!

“I’ve had the privilege of knowing Melissa for more than 10 years," Torrico said. “I wholeheartedly embrace her vision of nurturing children to become future leaders and decision-makers in a global economy through a Spanish dual-immersion Montessori school in the Catholic tradition.”

Torrico hails from Lima, Peru, but he spent his formative years growing up in New York City. After he attended public school in Queens, he pursued higher education at Grove School of Engineering at the City College of New York. Following his studies, he became a web developer at Verizon Communications.

He later enrolled in the Carey Business School Leadership Development Program at Johns Hopkins. When he finished his studies, he took on the role of executive director at the Education Based Latino Outreach in Baltimore.

“During my tenure, I played a pivotal role in expanding their afterschool program by securing more than $1 million in grants and sponsorships,” Torrico said.

Subsequently, as executive director of the U.S. Hispanic Youth Entrepreneur Education, he crafted their high school entrepreneurship program, which was then taught at many youth forums nationwide.

“My journey has been marked by a dedication to education and empowering youth through innovative programs and opportunities,” he added.

Torrico believes a Montessori education is ideal because it allows numerous students to thrive in their individual learning journeys.

Having experienced the traditional public school system in New York City during my upbringing, I've come to recognize that I learn more effectively when engaged in hands-on activities,” he said. “As an electrical engineering student delving into programming and website creation, hands-on learning profoundly enhances my understanding and skills.”

Integrating hands-on experiences into a child's education is indispensable for their growth and development.

Torrico has been friends with Waterfront Academy President Melissa Rohan for over 10 years and during the early stages of the school, he assisted with social media and marketing endeavors.

If he could describe the school in three words, he’d say: innovative, faith-based, and growth.

Speaking of faith-based, Torrico believes instilling faith in a child’s upbringing holds significant importance.

“While I attended public school during my childhood, my parents emphasized the significance of having faith in God,” he said. “Providing children with a safe space to express and embrace their faith openly is truly a wonderful aspect of their development.”

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