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Montessori at Home: Flower Pressing

Today’s blog post is all about flower pressing, a fun activity we all really enjoy here at Waterfront Academy.

Maybe this weekend your family and you are planning on some outdoor time. You may encounter some wildflowers and if it’s okay with mom and dad, you can pick some and bring them home with you. When you bring them home, you can preserve them and use them later for several different things.

Here is a tutorial on how to press flowers:

Materials Needed:




-Heavy Books

How to press flowers:

-First, snip off the bottom of the stems.

-Then place a few flowers with bloom-side up on paper.

-Next, take another sheet of paper and gently place it on top of the flowers.

-Open up a heavy book.

-Place the flowers on the paper, with the additional sheet over the flowers.

-Press down hard on the closed book with the flowers inside.

-Open the book carefully and remove the flowers.

-Dip a sponge brush in water and gently brush a blank piece of paper.

-Take the pressed flowers carefully and put them on the wet paper one at a time in whatever design you wish.

-Ta da! Perfectly pressed flowers.

See a video tutorial of this activity here.

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