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Montessori 3-Part Cards

An important tool in Montessori work, three-part cards consist of a picture, a label spelling out the name of the picture and a control card with the picture and label together.

Value of Three-Part Cards

Three-part cards increase children’s vocabulary and nomenclature. Students’ language is enriched, vocabulary is expanded, spelling is perfected, and material is classified as well as connections built.

When to Use Three-Part Cards

Before introducing the three-part cards, the child should already know their letter sounds and should be able to complete basic reading and writing. The student should also have a minimum experience with the vocabulary before being introduced to the cards.

How to Use Three-Part Cards

The child should put the picture cards across the top of a rug or table. Next, they should match the labels to the picture. Finally, they should use the control card to check each picture and label to make sure they were correct. More on the how-to portion of this tool can be found here.

How to Make Three-Part Cards

Wondering how to make three-part cards? This easy YouTube tutorial from us will show you.

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