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Get to Know Dayma Sejas

Teacher Dayma Sejas was first interested in working at Waterfront Academy because of the school’s Spanish dual-immersion learning along with incorporating the Catholic tradition.

“I felt it really aligned with my upbringing,” she said. “I have always found a strong passion in working with children.”

After giving birth to her son Theo, Sejas came across the Montessori method and began to implement it more in their daily lives.

Sejas loves all of Waterfront Academy’s seasonal activities and participating in any way her family and she can. “I most look forward to the Christmas pageant as seeing last year’s video of it was very inspiring,” she added.

Sejas first found out about Waterfront Academy through the school’s president, Melissa Rohan. She loves that the staff’s willingness to help makes the school so special. Sejas calls everyone “friendly.”

In fact, if she could describe Waterfront Academy in three words Sejas would say “friendly, kind and inspiring.”

The school’s faith aspect is important to Sejas because she wants her children to grow with a more religious base than she had. “To give him this opportunity feels amazing, I myself feel it important to be more in tune with my religion, as I have fallen off,” she said.

Sejas is looking forward to all the post-pandemic activities, especially all of the fun events she has heard Waterfront Academy did in the past.

Sejas currently lives in Alexandria, VA with her two boys, ages four and one. They enjoy walks with their two dogs and being adventurous, taking trips to Pennsylvania to visit family.

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