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Adolescent Montessori Resources

We regularly post articles that parents are interested in regarding Montessori, Parenting, Family Activities (inside and outside), Child Development, and Planes of Development on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Since the algorithms on these sites make it easy to miss something interesting, we decided to compile a list of Resources on Adolescents Education that we've posted over the year.


If we think of the first six years of life as that window when children are building their cognitive filing cabinets and the second six years of life as when children are filling those files with tons of content, the third six years are when all that content gets put to use.”

You probably know what a Montessori primary classroom looks like, but what is it like for adolescents? What stays the same, and what changes?

Erdkinder - What is it and how can it be transformational for our teens?

For a child to continue their Montessori education beyond the elementary years is truly a gift. They can discover who they truly are, where they fit into their communities, and begin a joyful path toward becoming independent adults.

Adolescence can be a tumultuous time in a young person’s life. Luckily, Montessori adolescent environments ensure that school doesn’t contribute to the challenges they are already facing. Learn more about what makes this the perfect age to be a Montessori student.


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